Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years

Its New Years!
Ive been super slack about posting but that is because I have been busy doing nothing.
For New Years we went to the Coromandel and stayed at Rob's parents house.
Here are some photos

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Going to an amateur Burlesque night with the girls

Ignore my double chin please!

21st Birthday cake

My mum is amazing at making really creative cakes, this year she went pretty simple but I still loved this cake to pieces! (see what I did there, pieces, cake, pieces of cake)

Its so cute!
They 21st key is from my mothers 21st birthday, that is one old piece of plastic!

Part 5 - what kinda mood are you in and why

Right now I'm feeling pretty chill, its nearing the end of the day and I'm in bed on my laptop.
Also a bit excited for tomorrow, my wonderful friend Samara has a surprise for me tomorrow night.
She has also given me some pretty big clues so I have my suspicions
Clue one- She said to dress pin-up
Clue two- she said Katie, Kate, Morgie and Ricky are coming. So whatever it is, it has to be bearable for a man to go with a bunch of girls
Clue three- she said something about us having a table
I think I know what it is but I don't want to say unless I guess wrong.

Today was such a miserable day, so rainy and gross. Todd and I went out and bought Lupe a paddling pool for when its summery, its like she is our baby. She kind of is, puppies are like babies.

I want to find one of my old Tamagotchi's and see if i have the ability to keep it alive now that I'm older hehe